Our History

A glimpse at our long history serving the community in Goderich, Ontario.  Follow our trip down memory lane, and around the square.  You will see we have occupied space on North, East, South and now West sides of the Square. True progress through partnership.

Present and Onward - West St.

We remain proud of our family’s long history and involvement in the Town of Goderich and surrounding area.

As our legacy continues, we recognize that we owe our success to our clients and are grateful to them for the trust they continue to place in us.

New Team Members

Lisa MacDonald joined our team in 2018, and Craig DeBoer in 2019.

Our Current Location, West St.

We move back to West Street, after our first location there, 80 years earlier. We are located, for the first time ever, in a building we built, with enough offices for everyone. We now have ten full time employees, including six of George MacEwan’s direct descendants. The business name is changed to MacEwan and Feagan Insurance, and is jointly owned by Scott and Beth.

Continued Growth

In 2013, Adam MacEwan (Scott’s son) joins the business, and MaryJane Bell ( Scott’s daughter) joins the business in 2015.

The Fourth Generation Joins

John Banter retires in 2001.
Becky Moore (Beth’s daughter) joins the business in 2008 and Tom MacEwan (Scott’s son) joins the business in 2011.

Welcome Jamie Gerber

Jamie Gerber starts working at Banter, MacEwan and Feagan in 1997.

Another Move, A New Name

In 1992, Don MacEwan retires. Beth and Scott partner with John Banter, and the business name is changed to ‘Banter, MacEwan, Feagan”.

The business moves to 50 South Street, once again to accommodate a growing team.

Scott MacEwan

Scott moves home from London in 1989, where he was working as an insurance adjuster, to join the family business.

Jean MacEwan Comes to Work

Peter’s wife, Jean MacEwan, joins her daughter Beth in the business, after Peter unexpectedly passes away.

The Third Generation

In 1978, the business moved to St. David Street, and Beth Feagan (Peter's Daughter) joins the business.

Marilyn Jeffrey Joins the Team

In 1972, Marilyn Jeffrey is hired by Peter MacEwan. She still works with us today. So far, her career has spanned three generations of our family as co-workers!

The Move Around the Square Continues, East St.

Once again, the business relocates to accommodate a growing staff. This time, the move is to East Street, where Peter partners with his brother Don MacEwan.
3 Generations of MacEwans

Peter MacEwan Joins & Move to North Street

In 1952 Peter MacEwan Jr. (George’s son) joins the business and the office moves to North Street. Peter was an avid pilot and a true community supporter, serving on the boards of the Maitland country club, the hospital, and town council.
PHOTO: Donald MacEwan, Peter Sr, George MacEwan and Peter MacEwan Jr.

The Great Depression

George’s children, and future employees, Peter MacEwan and Donald MacEwan, are pictured with their sister and cousin in 1932.

Although business was slow, the insurance brokerage took care of the family through the great depression.
Business Card for George G MacEwan Insurance

West Street, Insurance Beginnings

Our first location was on West Street (in the masonic hall building) in 1922. George began the business with one employee and had no idea at the time that the business would later become the employer of four future generations of his family (and counting).

Our Founding Great Grandfather

George MacEwan in uniform before leaving for war. George fought at Vimy Ridge in 1917.
(WWI 1914-1918).

Our Beginnings

Started by Peter MacEwan Sr., the Goderich Salt Works burned down in 1903. Somewhat ironically, they were uninsured and the business is not rebuilt.

Peter Jr. ( Peter Sr.’s son), later goes on to start an Insurance brokerage with his son George MacEwan, when George returns from fighting in World War 1 (WWI 1914-1918).